Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015 MTC Provo

Hey everyone! 

So they let us email one extra time to let families know when we'll be flying,seeing as I already told you... I guess I'll just update you on the week I've had! 

So Elder Taylor, my district leader and buddy, called on me to say a prayer during a meeting, but he called me Brother Chappell instead of Elder Chappell. I then proceeded to say, in my best impersonation of Crush from Finding Nemo, "whoa, Brother Chappell is my father. the name's Elder!" Haha shout out to Rachel F, my Disney quote buddy! 

I love teaching role play investigators. Our investigator Carlos is getting baptized!! woot! except it's just role play.. but it's awesome anyway! Elder Porter and I were asked to give a lesson in priesthood meeting today on baptism. It was great! I love learning by teaching. D&C 50:22! I think that's the right verse.. if that doesn't make any sense in context.. just apply it to yourself anyway! 

So last night when we all got in bed, we just got talking, and people fell asleep one by one, but Elder Wiser and I ended up just staying up way too late talking and sharing basically our life stories with each other!  I really hope we are companions because we are like already best friends. He's the man. 

So I am hearing that the Kennewick Washington mission is like a baptism gold mine. But I don't really care. I just hope I get to see one person change their lives for the better by coming closer to Christ. If that is through baptism, that's awesome! If not, that's fine too! I just know that this gospel can change everything and I want to help that happen for everyone. 

K love you all! I'll be flying out at 10:50 on Tuesday morning! 

Keep those baptismal covenants and always remember Jesus Christ.

Elder Chappell

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