Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 11, 2017 Frankston

Hello everybody.

This week was another blur. I am struggling to even think of what happened this week.

Let's see. We were invited to the MLC so I could give a departing testimony, which was weird. I have seen so many Elders and Sisters give those testimonies, and I never thought about it being me one day. But that happened. There was a massive youth basketball competition on Saturday. It was awesome. Stakes compete against each other and and some of them drove for hours to get to it! I was invited to be on the Missionary team, which was really fun.  The Basketball was awesome! It was meant to be 3 on 3 but it became 5 on 5. I swear every member of the church in Melbourne was there. The missionaries just played against each other as kind of half time entertainment, and then we were the official scorekeepers for the youth games. I was the top scorer 😎 Then on Sunday there was a connected fireside, which had President Vidmar: Our Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Mission President, Some really cool guy who is a catholic, and played Australian Rules Football,. and Elder Smiler, a fellow missionary (back row, second from the left in the photo) who played for New Zealand's national team. (In the game I threw an off the backboard alley-oop to him and he dunked it at the buzzer. It was pretty sweet.) It was a cool fireside.

Those were the highlights of the week. The rest of the time we spent knock knock knock on everyone's doors. (hey, hey, heyeeyayayee)

That's all folks!

Next week I'll do a great email. Probably. But Hey! Look at me I am sending a photo. I think it's been months since I last did that, so be thankful.

Love you!

Elder Chappell

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