Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 27, 2016 Melbourne

Well everybody, Happy Easter!!!

This week I was transferred again. Yep! That's twice in less than
three weeks! If you read last weeks email, that is the reason I was
transferred. The church legal office decided it wasn't safe for me and
my companion to be in that area still, so we both got transferred.
Oh no nobody is in trouble. The guy was just trying to sue the church
and was really angry so they thought it was best if we weren't there
because if we saw him again he would probably be violent again. 
A scripture that I really loved recently, I don't
know the reference but it came from near the beginning of Acts, and
Peter and John were taken to court, tried, let go, but were beaten
first. It said that they left "rejoicing that they were counted worthy
to suffer shame for His name." That really touched me. (But Mom is ok with me not getting beaten!)

Guess where I got moved to.

Go ahead guess.

I got moved into the city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooot! City life! I didn't
think that would be possible because there were only chinese
missionaries and one companionship of english sisters in the city
before. But they just opened the area to one set of elders. Melbourne
is amazing. Easily the biggest and most modern city I have ever been
in. It is beautiful and big and diverse and big and busy and big and
awesome and big. I would send pictures, but in my haste to transfer, I
left my camera in Springvale. I should get it this week and send
photos next time.

My new companion is Elder Higham from Maryland (nope he doesn't know
the beutlers). He has been serving for 21 months. He is obedient and
hardworking. We are going to see so many miracles! I can just feel
that we are going to find, teach, and baptiZe so many. He is the
District Leader so I don't have to do that anymore! Mwahahahaha this
transfer is too good to be true. A crazy guy trying to kill me was
the best thing that could have happened to me! Yeah!

Because we are opening the area, we have zero investigators. But the
city is famous for baptizing way more than any other area. The work
goes crazy fast. As an example of that, the sister missionaries in the
branch with us "gave" us an investigator on the first day. They talked
to him one time and he came to church. Then they gave him to us.


In any other area, if someone comes to church you cling to them like
your life depends on it. That's how awesome the work is here! We
already got 5 referrals. Which is about equal to how many I have
received in the rest of my entire mission. I am so pumped to get to
work here.

We just GQ all day. Which means we stand in busy places and talk to
people walking by. It is super successful. It's amazing. But it is
totally different to how you do missionary work in other areas, so
it's an adjustment.

If you want to see the places we GQ at, just google Flinders Street
Station Melbourne, and Victoria State Library. This place is awesome.

We got to church in a giant skyscraper. The church bought one floor of
the building and that is our church. It is really really awesome.
Everyone just calls it "the branch". There are two branches. Melbourne
first (Chinese), and Melbourne second (English). There are a lot of
Asians and Australians with a few scattered other cultures.

Life is good. I hope I can serve here for so long.

Love yous all!

Elder Calvin Chappell

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