Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 14, 2016 Shepparton

Hello everybody! I hope you have all had a good week! My week has been pretty interesting! 

Elder Jeremia has been transferred. He is the new Assistant to the President. This is one week before the actual transfer time cause I guess special things happen to AP's? I don't really know how it works but yeah he is gone! My new companion is Elder Van Wagoner from Bountiful Utah. He is awesome. We actually flew into the mission at the same time! He is the man at piano and singing. Super friendly guy, very easy to get along with. He and I have already been friends since he was in our zone for the last two transfers, so I am really excited to be his companion! We also have a third this week because of the early transfer. His name is Elder Pou from Tahiti. He is the man, also super good at singing. This week will be really good. 

Random funny story. One night this week we locked ourselves out of our flat and had to try to break in and our next door neighbor has a really annoying dog that barks at everything that moves so that made the neighbor come and get mad at us. But we smooth talked our way out of it and she is our friend now. We will try to teach her sometime.

Elder Van Wagoner has only served in Aussie wards, never islander wards, so he hasn't experienced a fafaga (massive Samoan feed). So I decided to line up heaps of dinner appointments this week so he can experience that. We will have 10 dinners this week. and yes that means three days we will have a double feed. I love gluttony.

Congratulations Riley! Happy Birthday! I hope you adjust well and quickly.

So this week we couldn't do too much work cause my companion was packing, then we were driving, then driving some more, then my new companions were unpacking. So slow week. I hate slow. But that's ok. That's what patience is for! 

Remember "A" and "R"? They were a miracle a few weeks back. Well they came to church yesterday!!! I am so happy! They looked so awesome walking in with their twin babies dressed up in little suits and ties. I loved that. Everything is going well!

I love you all! Here's a couple of pictures of the rolling hills of Australia.

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