Monday, August 22, 2016

August 21, 2016 Shepparton

Good morning everybody!

This week was great. I am loving serving with Elder Van Wagoner! I have liked all of my companions, but this is the first time that I've been like awesome friends with my comp! It is awesome. He likes to talk, I like to talk, so basically we are always talking while we are working! It is awesome.

So we decided we want to make our flat just a little bit nicer, so on last P-day we started to fix our crappy table and chairs. We went to Bunnings (basically home depot), and bought stuff to sand off the stain, and bought some new stain. We are gonna make it look so good! it is just kind of fun and satisfying having a project to work on, but we can only work on it during lunch time and on P-days, so it may take a while. When we finish I'll show you a picture though.

This week we set a date for Jana's baptism! Yay! We have been working with her for a long time. She will be getting married on the 10th of September, then baptized on the 24th. I am so happy for her! She will be such an awesome member. Then she can be a better influence on Neal until he can be baptized too. 

So this week was transfers! Elder Van Wagoner was transferred here a bit early just cause  it had to be that way, but the real transfer time is now. Heaps of our zone is being transferred! So we basically spent all of yesterday calling other zone leaders and coordinating with them how missionaries will be going to and from their areas. It was just a lot of organization. I love logistics. (not) But it is fun. So all good.

Church yesterday was awesome! you wanna know why? Because It was run by me and my companion! Just kidding it was awesome because it is the true church and it's always awesome. But yeah we both spoke in sacrament meeting, and Elder Van Wagoner played the organ for the hymns, plus a musical item on the piano. Then we taught the youth Sunday School class, then we taught the young men Priesthood class! So we taught during all three hours. This is the life of a missionary in a branch. It was fun! 

Anyway, that's my week, what's yours? 

See ya!

The only true and living Elder Chappell

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