Monday, September 12, 2016

September 11, 2016 Shepparton

Good Monday/Sunday Morning/Evening everybody! 

This week has been good. In fact, it was really awesome! We had MLC on Tuesday, which is seriously the best. My companion and I gave a training on asking questions and listening in lessons. It went really well I think. I love President and Sister Vidmar. The meeting was awesome. I was on such a Spiritual high when we were driving home. We were just excited to go work and baptize nations, when we got a call from Jana.

I'll spare you the details, but basically, Satan is a loser and threw in a satanic sucker punch (my new favorite term from Elder Holland). They were going to get married this week, but now we are not sure what's happening. They did not get married this week, and Neal is still nowhere to be found. That was really sad. (MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT) 

But........... MIRACLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Even when Satan throws cheap shots, we are stronger than him because we are on the Winning Team. Take that loser! So we were planning for our zone meeting and we were making this awesome poster at Office works. One of the workers there came and talked to us, and he was totally interested! He had just joined a church and had a spiritual experience for the first time in his life and he was excited about it, so he wanted to talk to us about it, and we basically taught the whole Restoration lesson in the middle of Office Works, and he asked us for a Book of Mormon! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? So we gave it to him like the nice guys that we are. His name is Ethan. We will talk more about him next week!

Miracle #2!!!!! This is a simple miracle. Jana came to church! We were not expecting that. But she came and it was awesome. She is really struggling, but she came anyway! So we were really happy about that. She will still be baptized! Just not sure when.

That was basically our week! It was a good one. This week is our Zone meeting that we are working our tails off for. It is gonna be awesome. 

Love you all! Have a great week! 

Elder Chappell

Here's President Vidmar's Gold and Silver Medals. And here are those cute babies from last week.

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