Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 25, 2016 Shepparton

Hello world. This week was awesome! I really really enjoyed it. 

I'll cut to the chase (whatever that means). This week we did heaps of finding. We decided that we are working with some promising investigators, but most of who we are teaching are not really progressing. So we need more people to teach! So we went searching for them. 

I don't always tract, but when I do, I prefer to find people to teach. That was our thing this week. We were tracting like we meant it! We chose this long street called Waranga drive, and tracted that for more than 2 full days of tracting. So in the bush, an average count of new contacts per companionship per week is maybe 3. We got 18 this week!! Woot! Some of them are really really solid. One is named Kalvin!! Obviously, he misspells his own name every time he uses it and asks all of us to misspell it along with him, so that's why I used a K. But other than that, he is a top gent. I love Kalvin. Also there was an Italian lady named Lisa. They are gonna be so awesome!
So I am excited for the coming weeks. The only problem is that this is the last week of the transfer, so I could be transferred. I have been here for 3 transfers, so it's definitely possible. I hope I stay though!

MIRACLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So remember Jana?
She moved out, is living with members, and called us saying she wants to be baptized this Friday. 

So we will be planning that and baptizing her this week! Except she is sick right now, and might have to postpone if she doesn't get better, so please pray for her!

Last week we went with some members to a wild life preserve.  It was really awesome.  I learned that kangaroos are actually really dangerous.  They punch, and have sharp claws, and have sharp teeth.  
They also lean back on their tail and kick with both their legs.  I also learned that Koalas are soft like a stuffed animal, but they are pretty boring.  A sloth would be more interesting than a koala.  We also saw wombats, Tasmanian devils, cockatoos, Imus, dingoes, (krickey a dingo!) And we saw a snake called a Southern Death Adder.  I am sure that is just come kind of animal classification, but it really should be called Life Subtract-or.

This week I learned that when you work as hard as you should be, actively seeking for the work to be done then miracles start to happen!  I am just really happy.  It was an awesome week.  It is so good to just feel like a missionary always.   

So that was my week!

Quick shout out to two of my best friends getting married! Congrats Riley and Rachael on your engagement! 

I love you all!  Have a great week!
Elder Calvin Chappell

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