Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016 A Note to Riley

Dear Riley and Rachael, 

Congratulations on your marriage! I am truly happy for you. 

As I am here in Australia, and people ask me about my family, I tell them that my brother is getting married! I also explain to them that his fiancé is a longtime friend of mine, not to mention our neighbor. Without fail, everybody reacts the same way. They make a surprised face and say, "Really?" Then they cautiously ask me how I feel about it. I find that reaction pretty funny. But I always respond by telling them that I am actually really excited about it! I think I am pretty lucky to have one of my best friends become my Sister-in-Law.

Rachael, you are awesome. I am so happy that you are the one to be with Riley. He certainly doesn't deserve a great girl like you, but hey, we always knew he would marry up. You've basically been a part of the Chappell family for quite a while, but now it is official, so I officially welcome you to the crew, and you are officially my sister (in-law)! I will never call you Sister Chappell though. That's weird. 

Riley, I am not gonna lie, I am pretty sad that you got married this quickly! I was secretly hoping that we could still have some time as just bros, playing sports and board games all day, eating meals at midnight, watching movies, being dorks, listening to rock'n'roll and singing way too loudly along with it, and the like. So yeah, I am pretty bummed that that phase of our lives is over, but I knew it would happen eventually. Now that you are getting married, I can't really talk about girls with you anymore, but let's be honest. The only girl you have ever even admitted to having a crush on is the one you just married! So taking that into consideration, Riley, of all of your girlfriends, I am glad you chose Rachael! I approve this decision. Riley, you are such an awesome brother. You know how much I have always looked up to you, and that hasn't changed at all. I am proud of you and happy for you. 

I hope this time has been just awesome for the two of you! I don't know at what point of the festivities you are reading this, but I am sure that whenever it is, you are probably sick and tired of all of the stuff going on and your fake smiles are plastered to your faces permanently. I am not envious of that, but I am sure you can push through. Enduring to the end is an important gospel principle. 

Good luck on being newlyweds, I wouldn't know anything about it, but everyone says that's a fun time of life, so enjoy that! 

Congratulations, I love you both and wish you all the best. (And while you are reading this out loud, say hi to all of my adoring fans in attendance for me)

Thank you, 

Elder Calvin Chappell

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