Monday, February 27, 2017

February 26, 2017 Werribee

Well this week, not gonna lie, was pretty slow.

We did heaps of searching, but didn't do do much finding. We know they are out there, but this week just wasn't the best for finding the people! Don't worry, we both are still really happy, just had a down week. 

Gavin and Stella are still awesome! They came to church again. Also, a really cool investigator named Uli has come a couple of times! He is super awesome, just not too ready to change right now. 

Elder Albrechtsen and I have been having fun talking in a super funny cowboy accent to each other all the time, but it was a bad choice. Now we're addicted. Any Aussie accent we've accumulated over a year and a half (which isn't much) is now totally gone. Haha but it's fun.

Hmm... well honestly there's not much to say this week! Sorry for a waste of your last 2 minutes everyone! But you can enjoy this very Aussie sign on the door of a house we tracted.

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