Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 5, 2017 Werribee

Good morning sweet world, and welcome to the weekly report from the Land Down Under. This week was pretty great. In fact, it was pretty miraculous. 

I can't believe it's been a week since I last emailed! That feels like two days ago tops. But it's been awesome. So we finally started finding new investigators again! There's a family from the Congo that we met this week and began teaching. They are awesome! They speak French and Swahili, and their English is so so. The cool thing is that we got to go to the Temple as a zone this week, (which is an awesome thing in and of itself) so we got to get supplies from the mission office as well, and we grabbed all the french and Swahili stuff that we could find, then brought it back and taught them that same day! Using the Book of Mormon in their languages helped so much. Also, they have 3 little kids. The two boys were playing with one of those Rubik's Snakes, and I showed them how to make it into a ball which they thought was pretty cool, and their 2 year old little sister is the most adorable little girl in the world. So that was fun. 

MIRACLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were heaps of miracles this week. I will just skip to Sunday (yesterday for me, today for you) because that was such an awesome day. 

Gavin and Stella came to church again! They are so awesome. Stella is still set for baptism, and super prepared. We changed her date to the 1st of April though, because she felt nervous for it, and we agreed that she needs more fellowship and more experience with the Gospel first. Anyway, they came to church and Stella is still so awesome. She paid tithing!! 

So let me tell you about the Gospel Principles class. Our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Letalu had a lesson prepared about the Priesthood Organization. As people started coming in to class, he realized that there were 4 non-members there! (woooooooo!) So he came to Elder Albrechtsen and I and asked us to teach the lesson about the Atonement that we had taught a couple weeks ago, cause that was probably a better topic for the people there. So on the spot we decided to teach! Man, the Spirit totally carried that lesson! Everybody was participating and it was awesome! So Gavin and Stella enjoyed it, and there was this Sister who came for the first time with her friend, and she was crying at the end of the lesson! She was totally in tears. So that was cool. We will keep you posted on how things go with her. Her name is Deborah by the way. 

After Church we had a lesson with a new investigator named Emma. She is a 14 year old, and her grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins are all active members in the ward. She wants to get baptized, but her birth dad is not too keen. So we'll keep you updated.

At the end of the evening, we had 20 minutes left in the day, so we decided to just pull over and pray about who we should see. So we did. The name came to us of the Strickland family. I have tried to see this family probably 500 billion times and never have had a real conversation with them. So when that prompting came, I kinda thought, no I don't want to waste another visit. But we listened to the Spirit and went. Well, what do ya know, the Spirit knows what He's talking about! We talked to the father of this family, who is not a member, and he is super keen for us to come by and teach his family! We set up an appointment, had a good chat, and then left. It was pretty awesome.

That's mostly it. 

We went to the southern most part of our area, which has the beach on it, and here's me being a rebel and touching the water. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehešŸ˜ˆ

Love you all,

Elder Calvin Chappell

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