Monday, March 27, 2017

March 26, 2017 Werribee

Well this week we gave birth! Elder Albrechtsen and I have a brand new son named Elder Gifford! He is awesome. Super hard worker, super motivated. He is great.  Elder Gifford, originally from Idaho, but moved to Colorado a year ago as his Dad was called as a Mission President there. He has so much enthusiasm and effort. When we are planning, or eating lunch, Elder Albrechtsen and I are enjoying the little rest until we go to work, but Elder Gifford is just itching to get out there. It pushes me to work harder because I remember that's how I used to be. So we are trying to keep up with him! 

Stella is preparing for her baptism this week and she is totally ready! We have been working with her for a long time and we are super excited for the baptism! 

We are really trying to find new investigators this week, cause after Stella is baptized, we won't have too many people to work with. So we are gonna be going hard on finding! 

The week was crazy though. On Tuesday, it was transfer day, and we took a missionary to the mission office because he was going home, then we took the Tongan Elders to their new areas and took another elder's bags to a random train station where his new zone leaders were picking them up. Too much driving. Then we had a normal day on Wednesday, then Thursday was the day to pick up the Goldens, so we were there for heaps of meetings, then got home in the evening, then woke up early on Friday and took Elder Gifford to some other missionaries on his first day while we went back to the mission office for MLC! 😪 Too much driving. 

So that was our week!  Looking forward to next week! 

Love you heaps, 
-Elder Chappell

Us in our Lava lavas, eating some traditional Chinese hot pots, and our son with jet lag. Just couldn't wait till 10:30.  And our MTC boy band.

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