Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017 Frankston

This week has been awesome. Last week I talked about Roger, and how he wants to be baptized. Well, this week he is even stronger. We have seen him every day, and he came to church on Sunday and is developing friendships with the members. The greatest thing though is how he is changing his life. He has been in a wheelchair for years. In fact, he hasn't stood up on his feet in two full years. But this week one day we sat down with him, and out of nowhere he just says, "Watch this." and he stood up and took a few steps! He has also been reaching out to his family who is scattered across the globe and speaking to them, even though they haven't spoken in years. He is making real changes in his life. 

Other than that, the week has just gone super fast. We are still trying to find new investigators and struggling a bit with that, but they will come. 

Happy birthday Brent, and I am sorry to hear about your allergy to falling down. That is truly unfortunate for someone as clumsy as you ;) teehee

Love you all!

Elder Chappell

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