Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015 Richland, WA

Hello Everybody,

So Saturday was my first baptism! Kendyl!

A little more about her and her family: Her mom is technically a member, but she hasn't gone to church since she was a kid and has problems with the church. Her dad is not a member. On her mom's side of the fam, they are all members and most of them live in Utah. On her dad's side, none of them are. They live in Arizona. Her parents (Tom and Brandi) Are super-duper supportive. They think Kendyl and Braydon should be able to make their own choices. The family is so cool. They love us and we love them. Honestly, we get more food from them than from the members! We go over there a lot. 

So the baptism was amazing. Her two aunts who are members gave the talks and they were super spiritual. Everyone was crying, even Tom and Brandi. Well, Braydon wasn't crying, but that’s just cause he's a fifteen year old boy so he was trying his hardest not to.  So then her uncle performed the baptism, Elder Thorn and I were witnesses. We also got to stand in on the confirmation. It was amazing. The entire family was there. Like her non-member family came from Arizona for this! Then they had a big barbeque afterwards. I know that whole family will be baptized at some point. Braydon is already so close to baptism. They will be amazing members when they decide to. They will bless so many lives.
The man formerly known as Elder Wilcox came back up for the baptism! He got three days at home then came back, haha. Now we have to call him Brantz... how weird is that. But it was awesome to see him. He was an awesome example to me. Weird to see him in a hat and shorts though!

So I don't know if I mentioned before but a couple weeks back there was a guy who pulled over and talked to us on the side of the road and gave us his info to meet with him. We finally worked out a day and time and met with him last night! His name is John. He is so cool. He is searching for the truth and he really really wants it and he's willing to do anything to follow Jesus Christ. He is willing to be baptized as soon as he knows the truth. He is reading and praying. So I know without a doubt that he is going to get that answer that he's looking for. Someone with real intent and willingness to do his part like that is exactly the kind of person God talks to. He is going to be baptized for sure. I just met him and I already love him!

I got a letter from my family with pictures. One of the pictures was of Tyler and I wrestling. Not gonna lie... that was the first time I have cried on my mission... miss you so much Ty! 

Riley's year mark is in 3 days... that's crazy. It doesn't seem like it's been that long to me. 

Early shout out to Spencer! Happy birthday on the 30th! You thought I'd forget didn't you? ;) Silly goose. An elephant never forgets. 

Well I love you all! Keep on keepin’ on. 

Peace and love mi bredren. Oh wait, is that my line? ;) 


Elder Chappell
Pictures:Me, Kendyl, Elder Thorn, and (formerly)Elder Wilcox

 This is the picture of Tyler and Calvin that he was talking about.

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