Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 Richland, WA

So to start out, shout out to the other Elder Chappell, one year for Riley. That's crazy.

Anyway, we had zone conference last week! President Ware said we aren't allowed to wake up early to have more exercise time anymore, which is sad cause now we can't go play basketball and we can't go hike badger bump anymore. Oh well. Exact obedience brings miracles! He also said on the topic of music, if a song you used to listen to at home but aren't allowed to now comes on at a member or investigator's house and there's nothing you can do about it, don't feel guilty. All that is is a tender mercy. Since then I have had 5 tender mercies of classic rock songs. I loved it! 

Miracle of the week!!!! So there is this guy named Travis. He was under the list of former investigator, but in all honesty (according to Elder Thorn who was there for his previous teaching), he was never really interested. Anyway, he is about 40 years old, and has spent 20 of those years in prison. He made some really bad choices when he was young. But I have never met a nicer person. He always has kids at his house who he is helping out because they are in really bad situations. He lives across the street from some members and he hangs out with them all the time. Anyway, we stopped by recently, and when we did, he let us in and we talked about the Book of Mormon. He had read it in the past, but only to prove it wrong. He asked us, "What is the point of the Book of Mormon? Why do you need it? What does it add that the Bible doesn't have?" There are a lot of different answers to that question. But Elder Thorn followed the Spirit and answered the best possible way. He said, "The old testament prophesies of Christ. The New Testament tells of Christ's life and what He did, and the Atonement. The Book of Mormon shows us how we can use that Atonement and how we can come closer to Christ." Travis sat there for a minute, then he said, "Really? Why didn't you tell me that before?? I'm gonna read this again! This time, with that in mind! That's awesome!!" It was way cool. Then as we were about to try to set up a return appointment, he said, "You guys should come back tomorrow around 2". He is awesome and the Lord has been preparing him.

Miracle number 2! So we live in the basement of an older couple's house. They have a son who is about 50 years old, not a member, always (I mean ALWAYS) drunk, who is living in a trailer on their property. His name is Chuck. He is super nice and super funny and he loves us. I've been wondering since I got here if he has ever been taught by the missionaries. I asked Elder Thorn, He said that they tried but he doesn't want to hear it. That same day, he came to us and said he had skin cancer. He also said, "Hey guys.. my life is pretty rough right now. Maybe I could use a message sometime." That was awesome. So we've been trying to make it happen, he's still super hesitant about it, but it'll happen soon.

We had exchanges on Wednesday! So I went to a different area with Elder Clyde, my district leader, for a day. We had an awesome miracle. Long story short, a member came by in the morning and gave us tons of food. way more than two elders could eat before it rotted. We got a text later in the day from a mystery person saying that a man named Anthony who used to be an investigator is really struggling. They said he had no money for food for his three kids, he can't find a job, and he might be going to jail soon because he can't pay his bills. So we took all of that food over to his house and gave it to him. He was so grateful. Those kids needed it. It feels so good to be an answer to someone’s prayer, and feels even better to know that God is watching out for every single one of us.

One quick note, anyone who wants to be amazed, look up Kyle Thorn! He is Elder Thorn's brother. He is an awesome singer! He'll be on the voice next season. He has one song, "Closer" that's on an EFY album. He is in the process of releasing a single, "Move On", and it is so good! He's awesome.

Love everybody! Too bad y'all have to go to school!! hahahahaha guess who doesn't?? This Guy!!  

Elder Chappell

​Pictures:  Me and Elder Clyde for exchanges, and that's the view from the Dome! yep I'm a pro photographer

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