Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015 Richland (Washington)

Hey everyone!

First week in Washington completed and successful! Woot! I absolutely love it here already. So I am in a Tri-panionship! My trainer is Elder Thorn. He is super cool, easy to get along with, funny, and a hard worker. He is like a pro skateboarder, honestly, look up JT Thorn on you-tube! The other elder in the tripan is Elder Wilcox. He goes home on the 18th, which is in the middle of a transfer, so that's why we're in a tripan. He is a hard worker, and super fun. We all get along well and I love them both! We are staying at a member’s house that is actually a dome house! It's so sweet. Brother and Sister Daines own it and live upstairs while we live downstairs. It seriously has a coy pond in the living room. It's amazing! And the yard is totally a forest! I love the dome sweet dome. So we are serving in Richland, which is one of the tri cities. Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick.  We're serving in Richland, over the Hillview and Cottonwood wards. I do get to teach about as much as I want! Elder Wilcox talks more than me or Elder Thorn but he doesn't dominate the conversation. Just a little more outgoing. We all teach plenty though!  Our companionship is known as the Utah Tri Cities because I'm from PG, Willy is from AF, and Thorn is from Lehi! Haha crazy, right? 

Oh my gosh, the work here is so good! On the first day we drive to a house and go knock on the door, nobody answers. I ask them if we knock doors a lot, Elder Wilcox tells me that we never go knocking, never. We go visit any potentials, any ‘gators (investigators), or any recent converts/less actives. And along the way, we talk to EVERYBODY that we see, literally everybody. And so far we have gotten 5 new investigators! I am so pumped for them!

So there’s this girl named Katie that everybody needs to pray for K? She is about 17 years old and she is super interested in the church, meaning that she totally knows it's true and wants to be baptized, but her parents are totally anti and they don't even know she is meeting with us. She can't tell them or they'll disown her. She can't go to church or else someone will see her and tell her parents. She can't get baptized without parental permission. We fasted for her and have been praying every day for her but the more prayers the better! Pray for her to have the courage to tell her parents, and pray for her parents to have their hearts softened. 

Another 'gator I'm super stoked for is Gerald. He's sixteen and on date for baptism! He's awesome. Then there's also Kendelle (10) and her brother Braden (15) who are wanting to be baptized, well Kendelle is anyway. Braden's not quite ready, but he'll be there. 

Miracle time!! There have been tons of miracles, but the one I'm thinking of was last night. Elder Thorn has been talking all week about this guy named Richard, and we've stopped by a few times to see him, but he hasn't been there. Yesterday we stopped by again, and he answered the door, and guess what?? He asked us for a Book of Mormon! He said a friend gave him the book Jesus the Christ (which I am reading and it's super awesome), and he is reading it but thinks that a BOM will help him for reference! He is so prepared. I felt the spirit tell me right then, this man is special. He is gonna be an amazing member as soon as he is baptized. 
My mission Prez is President Ware. He is so awesome. Just about the most Christ-like and understanding person I've ever met. I love him.

So... I miss mountains. The horizon is flat. How am I supposed to know directions??? Actually there is Badger "Mountain". We call it Badger Bump. That ain't no mountain. We hiked it on Saturday morning. It's all right I guess. 

There are tons of members here! We cover two wards. One of them is totally the size of a Utah ward! We get dinner from members most days of the week. And one time we went to Dickies for lunch, and the owner was a member and he fed us for free and said to come anytime for free! yessssssssssssssssssss. 

So some of the people here are totally cowboy/hick. I guess it's rubbing off on Elder Thorn cause he accidentally said "fellershippers". Hahaha. We say that all the time now just to make fun of him. Oh btw Elder Wilcox used to be a model for Hollister! He would be so mad if he knew I was telling you this. hehe ;) 

Anyway, That's all folks!
Love you!
Elder Chappell

Next week we go to the temple on P-day so it will actually be Wednesday. I repeat, MY P DAY WILL BE WEDNESDAY NEXT WEEK, BUT MONDAY EVERY OTHER WEEK. Tell everybody that ok? Don't be expecting emails on Monday. 
Picture explainations:

Us in front of the Dome, and the flat horizon. And the coy pond in the house.

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