Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 20, 2015 Melton

How ya goin? 
I have to get used to saying that cause people think I'm weird if I ask how they are doing. 

I got to see some kangaroos (or hoppers) yesterday! Sorry I couldn't get a picture. It was too dark. Tell Lilly and Audrey that I will make sure to take pictures of cute animals for them though! Maybe they'll think that this lizard is cute.. (see picture below.)
The work is going great! We have a guy named "J" on date for baptism on Oct 17th! Hopefully he doesn't put that off any longer. We are also teaching a part member family. The mom is a member, the dad and all 5 kids are not. But they came to church last week! "N"- (the dad) is super cool. Honestly, it's only a matter of time before he gets baptized, then the kids will follow! I'm excited for them.
So here it is about to turn into summer, but it is in the middle of the transition. Meaning that some times during the day are really hot, then some times are really cold. But Elder Sifuentes is always cold because he is from the Philippines. He wears a big coat everyday.
I love teaching people! We have been blessed with being able to teach heaps of lessons. I am still getting used to talking to people on the street and at door approaches, but getting a lot better!
Guess what??? People like my accent. I heard 4 times this week, "hey you've got a mean accent! Are you from America?" Yep. That's right. This guy has a mean accent. On that note, we had a funny experience where a couple of teenage girls were being dumb and trying to flirt with us. We were walking down the street and the yelled to us things like, "you're hot!" "how old are you?" and the like. I was keen to just keep walking but Elder Sifuentes is fearless and really talks to everyone. Long story short, we gave them each a Book of Mormon, committed them to read, and invited them to church. We got their numbers, but not for the reason they wanted us to! HA! BOOM BABY! (Emperor's New Groove. Brent, I expect that you got that.)
Anyway, it's halfway through September. Time to start listening to Christmas music right? Just kidding... sort of..

Love you all! 
Everyone who read this, send me an email and a picture k? I love seeing pictures of everyone.
 These stickers are on every door.  Yep, I stole one and put it on my planner.

 Cool sunset, and a weird bug.


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