Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 11, 2015 Melton

Hey everybody! How's life eh?

So I watched conference one week late, but it was so good! Man I loved it.  If you are wondering, I am ponderizing Romans 1:16. What about you?

So transfers are coming up soon. Next Saturday we will hear if we're getting transferred or not. I'm not worried. Go or stay, it's God's will!

So I haven't been very descriptive of the food I eat.  Since our ward is mostly Samoan, we get meals with Samoans all the time.  Here's a typical Samoan meal.  Come in, sit down, chat a bit, eat heaps of rice, chicken, and chop sui (I don't know how to spell that.) Then once you feel full, they say, "eat more elder!" "yes ma'am" then you eat until you can't eat any more. Then they bring out the main dish. (roast, lamb, more chicken, who knows).... that’s the point when you whisper to your companion, "I can't eat any more" then he laughs. Then you just have to stuff anything you can into yourself. "eat Elder!"

Honestly their number one goal in life is to make the missionaries fat. But I seriously love them! Their culture is to just give and give. Mostly food, but other stuff also. They are the best.

So I took notes for conference in a creative way so I'll send pictures of that so yous can see. I'm gonna do that for every meeting of my mission!

“N” is still progressing really well. We gave him a Samoan Book of Mormon and he is reading and enjoying! He is a bit hesitant to set a date for baptism but he will pray and get an answer so it won't be too long. There's one little girl in the ward that's about 3 years old and the cutest kid in the world. Her parents fed us one day and we became best friends. She sits by me in sacrament meeting now,  haha and guess what,  because her mom saw that Bella likes me so much, she gave us two referrals! Woot!

I am getting much more comfortable knocking on doors and street contacting.  I have always been comfortable teaching but those weren't too good. But now I actually enjoy it!
Something funny was that a drunk guy came up to us and told us all about how the Holy Ghost is his
dad... Yeah. There was also a girl that was so amazed that we didn't drink that it is now her goal to make us drink before we go home. Don't worry; I won't be accepting any water bottles from her.  We all watch conference one week later so it's still on the Saturday - Sunday schedule. Yes we have all 4 seasons here, just switched. The trees were pretty bare when I came but they pretty much have leaves now. It's
springtime here.

We live with the 4 of us. We are pretty far from the mission home. That's in Wantirna. We have to get a ride with other missionaries and we have to drive through the City to get to it. No we haven't gone to
the temple.  I have been in the parking lot plenty because the mission office is in the church that shares the parking lot with the temple.

Fun fact, most people here think that Canada is part of the US... Weird eh?

Shout out to Kathryn Spackman for starting her mission papers! You'll be called to Melbourne for sure.

Anyway, that's all for this week. Love you!
Elder Chappell

I forgot to take pictures of my Sunday notes but there’s Saturday! And
that's a random bridge and me being "not ashamed of the gospel of

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