Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 25, 2015 Melton North

So I got transferred! All the way from Melton South to Melton North! Yep. That means I am staying in the same flat. I packed up all of my stuff and took it all the way to Wantirna to the transfer meeting just to find out that I am going right back to Melton! I am actually super happy about that because I love Melton. I am now companions with Elder Babneau (bab-no). He was also in this flat before so I have known him for 6 weeks! It's really awesome. He is the man. He is from Idaho, and he is a convert of about 2 years. He has been serving for about 6 months. We get along really well. We also sing America songs all day

We have been having heaps of success in this area! We are teaching a family that is called the Utai family. They are Samoan. The two boys, Mark and Derek want to be baptized. The rest of the family has already been baptized, but they want to take the lessons to come back to activity. So it's really cool. I love teaching families because you can see them making the choices that will help them be together for eternity.

We are also teaching a man named Gary. He is an Aussie and he has been investigating the church for ages. Literally he has been coming to church for over 3 years. We call him an Eternigator folks. But he is the man. I think he is finally realizing that he is ready for baptism. I love teaching him. He also has a 7 year old son named Ronnie. We get along well because Ronnie loves Star Wars.

I wish that everyone was a kid. I can get along with and make friends with kids so much easier than adults. And kids are just better anyway.

Oh I forgot to mention! Our flat has two new members. Elder Deng (china) and Elder Valenciano (Philippenes... again). They are both awesome. Elder Deng loves Captain America so we have fake Captain America vs. Red Skull or Cap vs. Winter Soldier battles. Good times. Shout out to my man Elder Fisher with whom I have the most legendary battles in the history of ever. One day we will fight again my friend.

So guess what else I forgot to mention? I AM DRIVING. I drove home from Wantirna on transfer day. I had to go through the city. It was crazy! "Why is driving so scary?" one might ask. One would be answered, "because it's on the left side of the road and the lanes are about 2 feet wide and people park in the middle of the road. They literally have a lane that is meant for parking and driving. So people just swerve in and out of it. But after the first day I became comfortable. The change actually came pretty naturally. I'm not worried anymore.

Well that's all folks!
Elder Chappell
 "Elder Chappell" in Chinese

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