Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1, 2015 Melton

Hello Americans!

There is one sister in our ward that is American, and as funny as it sounds, it is really refreshing to hear that accent again. So there's more transfer news!!

Some Elder somewhere had to be emergency transferred for some reason and somehow we got involved in the domino effect. Elder Valenciano who is in the other companionship in our flat is being transferred into the city, and Elder Deng is going to join our companionship! Threesome again! I am really excited because we both love Elder Deng! This also means we get to do language study again. And now Melton is going to be just one area. So now I have all of my old investigators from last transfer and these ones! It's really awesome. I was already missing my old investigators. Also, Elder Albrechtson is being transferred into my district! You probably are thinking, who in the world is that? He was in the MTC with me. I love that guy! We are pretty tight. So I am really excited about the rest of this transfer.

Happy Halloween! Halloween is really lame here. Like, everybody knows about it, but nobody does anything about it. We went to a member's house for dinner, Julian and Kirby (recent converts, super awesome young couple), and they had a grand total of one person coming to trick-or-treat. My companion and I had decided beforehand that Julian and Kirby had to learn a little of what Halloween is supposed to be. So we bought some pumpkins to carve! Except they don't have real pumpkins here so we bought butternut pumpkins and carved them! They had never done that before. Crazy right?? But we had a good time.

So we are teaching heaps of people that are right on the edge of being baptized. They just need to learn a little more or resolve random concerns. Please everybody pray for Chol. Chol is a 21 year old Sudanese man. He is awesome. He is a baller. He is actually being recruited by American schools. He loves everything we have taught and he is eating up the Book of Mormon. But he doesn't feel like he is getting an answer from God that it is true. He totally has. He says he just feels good in an unexplainable way when he reads it. But just pray to help him recognize his answers. He is the man though.

So one of my zone leaders, Elder Ferris (the man) thinks that I look like JFK. I don't see it, but hey, I'll take it! Anyway, he looks exactly like he could be a secret service agent, so naturally, we took
pictures. Please. Enjoy (there is a less active Tongan family that owns a place called Phresh Cuts in Melton. So we get free cuts! It's actually getting a little long I think. I am gonna get it cut next week probably. I like it a lot shorter than I used to.)

Elder Calvin Chappell

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