Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15, 2015 Melton

Hey everyone! Another week down, I actually just hit my 4 month mark. That's strange. I feel like I'm really at my 4 week mark. But that's ok, I still have 20 months to make the most of.

Melton is the bomb. We will be having a baptism on December 5th! (it would be earlier but she is going on a camp this week and it's stake conference next week). Her name is Mary and I think I have talked 
about her before. If not, she is 11 and her family is all members. They have been coming back to activity because of her. She has been begging her mom to let her be baptized. Her mom thinks she is ready
now so it's gonna happen on the 5th! We should also be having many more baptisms. We have so many people that are really close to making that step. I am excited for December.

So we are making a video as a zone for Christmas. The theme of the video is Toy Story and the Book of Mormon. So we have to relate them to each other. It's gonna be way fun. I'll make sure to send a copy of it home if I ever get one.

So because there is no Thanksgiving here, the Christmas decorations start going up right after Halloween. I have mentioned to a few members that I love Christmas decorations and I have received 3 bags of them. Our flat is gonna be jolly.

Transfers are coming in just a couple more weeks. I can't believe how fast this transfer has been. I am going to miss this threesome! We have a lot of fun together but we still know how to be missionaries.
It is a good balance. It's amazing how we are all so different, like, SO different. But we can still be great friends and a great companionship. The Lord truly knows us and knows what's best for us.  So we don't know 100% but it's about 99% chance that one of us will leave and they will split Melton again. Well, there are less and less missionaries in this mission. Heaps are going home in the next few transfers so they might not split Melton, but they never keep a threesome for more than a transfer. One of us will go. 

Shout out to the other Elder Chappell. My ponderize scripture this week is one that he showed me ages ago. James 1:19 "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, and
slow to wrath." 

I am the only one of the three of us who drives. Well, both of them can, but I am the designated driver. We have to follow that rule strictly. I kinda wish I wasn't the driver though.

So there is this family that lives right next door to a flat that used to be where missionaries lived. Nobody stays there anymore but this family has lived next to missionaries for ages. So they know a little 
bit about the church. Anyway, we have gotten pretty close to this family. The mother, Sam is finally reading the Book of Mormon! She is very firm in the fact that she doesn't want to be converted, so we
have to teach her in a sneaky way. We managed to offer a Book of Mormon without offending. She has finally started reading it. I am excited to hear what she thinks. Her oldest child is named Alex and he is 11. He is autistic. For whatever reason he likes me a lot and he loves it when we come by so he can show me his creations. He is a GENIOUS. This kid designs and creates amazing things! He has a 3D printer so he designs helicopters and boats and heaps o random things then he creates them. I will attatch a picture with me and the skull he made for me. (why a skull? who knows.) But it's pretty awesome. He is going to make Thor's hammer for me. I know. It's too good to be true. I am gonna miss so many people when I eventually get transferred!

Anyway, I love you all!
I am gonna come back sounding like Bruce from Finding Nemo! Know why? Cause I'm now in the habit of  saying "Good on ya Mate"

See ya!
Elder Chappell

Pictures: That is the Redback spider in our garage. Very dangerous. We feed it other bugs we find. We would kill it, but they don't move anywhere once they make their webs so we know it won't move. The eggs won't hach either because there is no male to fertilize them. So no worries!

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