Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015 Melton

Hey everyone! How are yous?

This week had lots of ups and downs. It is really fun to serve with Elder Babneau and Elder Deng. We are having a blast together. I am learning some Chinese from Elder Deng and some Samoan and Tongan from the ward, and I learned heaps of Tagalog from Elder Sifuentes last transfer so I am just gonna come home fluent in every language. Samoan and Tongan are actually fairly easy to pick up.

So the two Melton areas have combined so now we have so many investigators! We have 7 investigators that have a baptismal date. That sounds super awesome right? Well in all honesty it's just really hard because none of them are really progressing. It has been hard this week especially because every appointment has fallen through. I still have high hopes for so many of these people though. Niko should be getting baptized soon… Should be. We have one investigator named Mary who is really solid. She is on for the 21st! I am really excited for that!

It is starting to get crazy hot, although we did have one day that we were rained in for the afternoon. It was crazy. Woot.  There’s a lady in the ward who likes to cook American food for us. She is actually from New Zealand. She just loves American food and she loves me because I love her cooking. So she brings over baked goods all the time and reserved us for Thanksgiving! That's the way you make the members here like you. Eat their food and ask for more. Haha they love it. I don't mind it either. 

I am getting pumped for Christmas! Who is with me? It is never too early to start celebrating. I just wonder if it is too early to bring out the ugly Christmas ties...

I am proud to announce that so far I have maintained my weight. That is saying something when serving in this mission. With all of the islander feeds we get, everybody gains weight like mad. Honestly, when
we don't have a scheduled dinner, we just call a member of our ward (normally our ward mission leader Dougie) and they buy us KFC. KFC is huge here. It's all about KFC and macca's. I guess also Hungry Jack's
(burger king). But yeah we have KFC like three times a week at least...I honestly don't know how I haven't gained weight...

Well this was kind of a short one... Sorry there wasn't much that happened this week! But I'm sure next week will be gun.

Love yous!
Cheers bro yozah g'day mate good on ya shucks churr catch ya

-Elder Chappell

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