Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 22, 2015 Melton

Happy Thanksgiving soon to everyone back in the land where they
actually celebrate thanksgiving! Don't worry, there's an awesome
member who is going to feed us turkey and potatoes and pie on that

So transfers are next week so next email you will hear if I am going
or staying, but if I am going, I won't know where until Wednesday. I
really hope I am staying because Mary will be baptized on the 5th of
December. I don't want to miss that! But I will go where the Lord
calls me willingly.

This week has been fun. We have focused a lot on part member families.
I intend to do that throughout my mission. We have gone through and
contacted every single part member family in the ward and most are
very willing to talk with us. The next transfer here could have like 5
baptisms. The field is white already to harvest!

It was really cool this last week because I was able to go on
exchanges with Elder Albrechtsen who I met in the MTC. He is the man
and we will probably go to school together after the mish.

So some of the best Aussie food is meat pies. Mom, you need to figure
out how to make them, because hose are incredible. You would bless the
lives of everyone around you if you made them. I buy a bag of freezer
meat pies every week and eat them constantly.

One of the biggest temptations for me is movies. The world is going
crazy about the new star wars movie. I can't tell you how many members
have tried to show us the trailers for it. I can't tell you how hard
it is to say no. AAAAh! One family we are teaching, actually Mary's
family, her brother is a huge Marvel fan. As am I. temptations. I just
want to talk about it for ages, but I can't.

Well, I hope yous are getting snow! If so, I am jealous! It is
starting to get very very hot. Maybe I'll be transferred to Tazzy
where it's much cooler... hmm.. Anyway, if there is snow, I wanna see

Love you all.
Elder Chappell

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