Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 Melton

Hey everybody! How are yous? That's something that everyone here says by the way. Yous is plural for you. So how are yous? What are yous up to today? We hear that every day.
Sorry for not emailing yesterday! We had a zone P day and we played laser tag. That was super fun! But because we don't have a car we have to go by bus and train all the way to Werribee and that takes us 2

hours so we didn't have a chance to shop or email. So we get to email today but no shopping this week! We might starve.

Anyway, we are probably gonna be getting a car next transfer (in a week and a half ish) and guess who will be driving? yep. me. In Australia. On the left side of the road. Cause Elder Sifuentes doesn't
know how to drive, so I am responsible for lives! And as a missionary I'm already responsible for souls, so yeah there's just a bit of pressure. But pressure makes diamonds.. or coal becomes diamonds under
pressure, or however that saying goes. I think that's a saying anyway.


So I think I told yous about Niko last week right? I think so. Anyway, we taught him the restoration a couple days ago, and it was the most spiritual experience ever. After we taught, we bore testimony. Then we asked him what he was thinking/feeling. He started crying and told us that he felt something in his heart. He said he knows it must be true. He said when he hears me and Elder Sifuentes bear our testimonies, he feels like even though he doesn't know everything that we do, our words explain his feelings exactly. It was amazing. He said he would do whatever we said he should, and he would believe everything we told him. (King Lamoni?) So we gave him a Book of Mormon in Samoan (his native language) and committed him to read and pray and come to church and be baptized all in one lesson. He is so prepared. And he is such a good man.

So another one of our investigators is named Luke. SPOILER ALERT when he gets baptized, that is going to be one of the biggest miracles I've ever seen. This guy has a lot of struggles. He has multiple mental illnesses. He is completely functional, lives on his own, but he is socially different. But he knows and understands just like you and me. We have been teaching him ever since I've been here. And he has improved so much. We see him at least 5 times a week, because the more we see him the better. The less Satan has an influence on him. He knows the Book of Mormon is true. He knows the church is true. We just have to make sure he quits smoking and he will be committed to the church before he can be baptized. But he is going to be baptized on the 17th! We have prayed a lot and we feel that he is finally ready. We are so excited. Please pray for him to be able to quit smoking and to have the Spirit protect him from bad influences.

So everyone here either hates or loves America. I didn't realize how patriotic I was until I got here. I have been singing America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner like every day. Don't you say nothin’ bout my country. There's a sister in our ward that says she will cook us a Thanksgiving dinner one Thanksgiving! I am so happy about that. She also makes us other American food like hamburgers and
she goes to American shops to get things like root beer. It's awesome.

We didn’t get to watch conference last weekend.  We will watch it next weekend.  But we did hear about the three new apostles.  I am super excited to watch conference.  And we should be getting 5-8 investigators to watch at least parts of it so that’s gonna be amazing.  I love how conference touches each one of us in a totally different way.  It’s amazing.

Anyway, Love yous! (hehe I'm definitely using that my whole life)
Captain Australia  Elder Calvin Chappell

How I take notes, the temple, my future cars, a pretty sunset, and a double-decker bus.

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