Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 10, 2016 Melton South

Australian Elder Chappell)

"Good morning starshine! The earth says hello!"

How is everyone? I am doing really well!

So for the transfer
I'm staying in Melton! I am really happy about that because we have
been working really hard at building up this area and now we have some
baptisms lined up!  I am enjoying training. It has been hard at times but now we are

really seeing amazing miracles! We have been leading the mission in
New Investigators so that has been really fun. Finding new
investigators is so fun and makes me so happy. We have heaps of people
to teach! So it is impossible to be unhappy when the work is going
well and it is going so well.
Elder Deng got transferred so that is sad. I love that guy.

So for the investigators, Rel, Joseph, and Samuel are 3 boys that we
have been teaching for ages. They are 15, 13, and 12. They are
Sudanese. There are heaps of Sudanese people in our area. So anyway,
these boys have been wanting to be baptized but they just didn't
really understand the Restoration or have any testimony of the Book of
Mormon. They just thought that every church is true. But recently we
had a lesson with them that we just talked all about that, then they
prayed about it and all three of them now have strong testimonies!
They will be baptized on the 30th! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!

Niko is still coming to church but still too busy to meet. But he is
doing really well.

So to explain the subject line of this email, we met this guy named
Bruce. He is an Aussie with a thick accent. Once he introduces himself
as Bruce, immediately my thoughts go to Finding Nemo. So he is talking
and I am trying to listen but quotes are running through my head.
"Fish are friends, not food." and the like. Then, the conversation
turns to family. We talk about how families can be forever, and he
says, "Well, I never knew my father." ...gasp... He is the human
version of Bruce!!!!! It was pretty crackup.

Ooh a funny thing happened to me yesterday! We were having lunch at a
member's home after church, and they are Tongan, which means HEAPS of
food. And this particular brother really wanted us to eat everything
he had prepared, which was enough for maybe twenty people. Not and
exaggeration. So I was doing my best. It was delicious. I love Tongan
food. But my companion is a little guy and he can't eat much, and I
don't eat all that much myself. This brother keeps saying, "More
Elders. More." He literally kept piling food on our plates! Anyway,
without going into too much detail, in order to please this member I
stuffed myself so much that I had to go and vomit. Then I had to go
back and eat more. The things you do to gain a relationship with the

We have had many miracles this week! I am sorry I can't type them all
up though! If I could ask for prayers for a woman named Akuei, that
would be great. (Pronounced uh-quee)

I love yous all!

Next week.

May the force be with you.

Elder Chappell

Australia Melton Mission

Pictures:  The sun rise this morning, and me and da boys

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