Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 3, 2016 Melton South

How are you all doing? Everything is awesome here in Australia. It's
cooled down a bit so it is bearable! Transfers are coming up! Next
week we'll have the news of who is going/staying. I am fairly sure I
am staying because I'm training Elder Seifert and people almost never
get moved during the two transfers of training, but you never know!
Cause Elder Sifuentes left me halfway through my training!

So how was New Years? Here in the land down unda New Years is the big
fireworks holiday. Because they don't have the Fourth of July! So
there were heaps of fireworks going off all night. We didn't really do
anything special... just slept. Haha sometimes sleeping is the best
form of celebration!


So this miracle really made me happy. Way back in September, when I
first got to Melton, Elder Sifuentes and I found a man named Sulu. He
is a member but hasn't gone to church in years. He invited us in and
listened to us, then told us he wanted us to teach his wife!
(non-member) We were super excited. But that was way back in
September! So we tried and tried to set an appointment with them and
no luck. They were just too busy! But every time we were in that area,
(at least every other day) we knocked on their door. They have never
been available. Then just this last Tuesday, 4 months later, we were
in that area and our plans fell through. So we decided we would just
go knock on Sulu's door. Guess what? They were both home! She invited
us in and we taught her the Restoration. She loved it! She is a Muslim
but she has always been confused about religion. She listened and had
good questions and the Spirit was so strong! She was shocked when we
gave her the Book of Mormon. "for free?? Really? Thank you so much!
Wow. I will treasure this." After the lesson Elder Seifert and I
walked out of the house, then looked at each other and just started
laughing and hugging each other. That's the third time on my mission so
far that I have felt that good after a lesson and that is the best
feeling ever! I live for those moments.

So in our area we have a little town called Bacchus Marsh. It is
beautiful! When you drive in, it's on a road called the Avenue of
Honor. It has all of these massive trees lining it on either side.
Each tree is in honor of a WWII vet from the area. It is so beautiful.
My pictures don't do it justice, but I'll send them anyway.

This other picture is for my little cousin Lilly Allen! Lilly, you
asked me to send any pictures of cute animals, and I thought this
little bird was pretty cute, so I hope you enjoy that. When I can
finally take a picture of a Kanga and when I finally see a Koala I
will send those for you too!

I love you all and miss you! Happy New Year!
Elder Chappell (Aussie)

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