Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 28, 2015 Melton South

So I spend most of my email time responding to personal ones today so
this will be short!

Christmas was great, I loved Skyping my family. We spent Christmas
just mostly at the flat because we aren't allowed to proselyte on that
day, but we had an awesome dinner with members!

We have been teaching the Boyd family which I mentioned a couple weeks
ago, (single mom who is a less active member, 5 nonmember daughters)
and they are doing super well! They won't commit to baptism quite yet
but they will soon I am sure! The mom came to church last week which
was the first time in years so that was awesome.

Everyone here goes crazy about boxing day. It's like their version of
black Friday. Big shopping day. That was another no proselyting day so
we haven't done a whole lot this week!

Here is me with a metal Santa Clause and here is a schnazzy pic of the
Book of Mormon.  (And a few from our Christmas Skype.  That is the flat where he lives.)

Thanks for all the Christmas wishes! Happy new year everybody!
Elder Chappell

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