Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13, 2105 Melton South

This week was a week of miracles here in the land down under.
We have been focusing on finding new investigators and building our
teaching pool. Seeing as we are both brand spankin new missionaries we
don't really know how to do that, but we worked hard and the Lord
poured out miracles on us.

Miracle #1 We were walking down the street to see a less active member
and a guy on a bicycle pulled over and yelled, "hey are you Mormons?"
I thought to myself he was probably gonna yell at us, but I answered
yes. He says, "ok come to my house in half an hour. This is my
address." His name is Chris and he and his 9 year old daughter are the
best. He has been searching for the truth and that morning he prayed
for guidance that he would be able to find what he was missing. Then
he ran into us and knew that was from God!! I am so happy to be
teaching him.

The next miracle was a referral! They are the Boyd family. The mom is
a less active member and she has five daughters that are not members!
(plus the husband, but he's not really interested right now. Still
supportive though!) The daughters want to learn and the mom wants them
to be baptized but she wants it to be their choice. I know they will
feel the Spirit as we teach them and then they will make that choice.
I am so excited! It is really fun to build up an area.

and the last miracle is the best one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary got baptized!!! I would send a picture but we are at a different
library today and I can't figure out how... But next week I will! This
baptism has been a long time coming and now she got baptized and it
was great. One of the best baptisms I've ever been to. I loved it!

Well I love you all! Thanks for everything and Merry Christmas!

Elder Australia Chappell

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