Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20, 2015 Melton South

Merry Christmas to all!!

Woooooooooot I am so excited for Christmas! My companion and I have
been making Christmas cards for everybody in the ward here and we will
send them home as well. But yous will all get them after Christmas.
Sorry for that. But they will be stupendous.

So in the Holiday Spirit, here is the Australian version of Jingle Bells!

Dashin' through the bush
In a rusty Holden (Chevrolet) Ute (wimpy aussie truck)
kickin' up the dust
eski's (cooler) in the boot (trunk)
Kelpie (dog) by my side
we're singing Christmas songs
It's summer in Australia
in singlets (tank-tops) shorts and thongs (flip-flops)

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
It's Christmas in Australia on a scorchin' summer day Hey!
Jingle bells jingle bells
Christmas is a beaut
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden Ute

Well random story of the week, when driving home from district
meeting, we passed some fields. Most were empty, but I saw some horses
occasionally. Then out of nowhere, I here Elder Babneau say, "is that
a camel?" And I think, "whatever he is looking at, it can't be a
camel." Sure enough, There's a random camel in a field. Why?
....nobody knows. I will get a picture of it this week if I remember.
I thought that was funny.

So I have now learned what Australian heat is. And it is so much
hotter than Utah heat. It got up to 42 (Celsius) two days ago. I am
not sure the conversion but I'm pretty sure that's around 115. But
it's not just that. It's humid, and the wind is hot. When you step
outside, its like a wall of heat smacks you in the face. It's crazy!
The sweat comes immediately. And going in the shade makes no
difference. The air is just so incredibly hot. President and Sister
Maxwell said on days above 35 we cannot be in the sun. So we spent a
lot of that day making Christmas cards and seeing members. Too hot

Miracle time!!!! So if you remember Niko, he is someone we have been
working with since I've been in Melton. Well we haven't been able to
see him in ages. But we saw him yesterday and he wants to be baptized!
He has a powerful testimony of the Restoration and wants to be sealed
with his family. There are some Word of Wisdom issues but he is
working on them and the miracle for that will be coming. You'll
probably hear about that next week. He is the man. So for now his
baptism date is Jan 23, but that could move forward or backward.

Congratulations to the Eddys for your mission call! You will be an
amazing Mission President family. I wish you were in my mission!

Merry Christmas to everyone. Remember that every gift given and
received represents the gift that our Father in Heaven gave us of His
Son Jesus Christ.

I love you all and will miss you.
Merry Christmas!

The pictures are:
Mary's baptism last week
me by the ocean (in my zone but not my area)
2 second video of a giant spider we found escaping our clutches and
reigning with terror on the flat.

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