Sunday, January 31, 2016

Janaury 31, 2016 Melton (whole city again)

Hi everybody!

Well as the subject implies, this was a crazy week! It started about
an hour after I emailed last week. I got a call from President
Maxwell. He said that Elder Babneau (my former companion, and my then
current District Leader and flatmate) was being emergency transferred.
He then told me that Elder Ching, who was Elder Babneau's companion,
would join Elder Seifert and I, and the area of Melton would be one
area again. Elder Ching is a brand new missionary. Less than a month
in the field. He is from Hong Kong. So this means I am training two
missionaries at the same time... and then President asked me to be the
new District Leader... AAAAH!! What?!  "um... President are you sure?"
So yeah I am now a district leader and training two missionaries, and
I still don't even know how to train one! So this week has been pretty
stressful to say the least. Mostly because the area is so big now.
That is a blessing and a curse. We have heaps and heaps of
investigators which is so awesome. But we have to figure out who is
keen and see them because we don't have enough time for everyone!
Melton needs two companionship's. President said this wont be
permanent, just for this transfer.

For those of you keeping track, I have now served in Melton South,
Melton North, all of Melton, Melton South again, and now all of Melton
again. Yep. Most of the missionaries here call our mission the AMM
(Australia Melbourne Mission), but I call it the AMM (Australia MELTON

MIRACLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The number one miracle for this week is
that Riel, Joseph, and Samuel were baptized. One of the Priests in the
ward baptized them, and I confirmed them. It was amazing. Riel doesn't
smile very much, but when he does, it makes everyone smile. And when
he came out of the water, his smile was so big I almost laughed. It is
pretty amazing the Spirit you can feel at a baptism.

Miracle number 2 is our two golden investigators!! They are named
Akuei (Uh-quee) and Flora. They are from Sudan, and they are
sisters-in-law. They are so golden! They ask questions like, "how can
we know what the truth is? Every church says they have the truth." and
Flora said, "The Bible isn't enough. Everybody gets something
different out of the Bible. How can that be all?" They have been so
prepared. And they are now preparing for baptism on Feb 20.

Miracle number 3 comes from the Boyd family that I have talked about
before. One of the girls is named Jade. She is 14 I think. She has
been the one sitting in all of the lessons, coming to church, and even
going to young women. We learned that she has actually been pushing
her family to go! Well she told us yesterday that she wants to be
baptized!! We didn't even ask her first! She says she feels something
every time she is at church and every time we teach. We are so happy.
Jade being baptized will be the first step for this family.

Anyway, That's mostly all for this week. Man that was a lot of stuff
though! So much emotion in this week and it was all good emotion. I am
loving life in the Australia Melton Mission!

Love yous all!
Elder Calvin Chappell
 (I'd like to know which super hero he is trying to be...?)

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