Monday, April 11, 2016

April 10, 2016 Melbourne

This week went by in the blink of an eye. Pretty much all day every
day was spent out street contacting. I love it! At first it was scary
for me, and after an hour or so, I would want to go do something else,
but now I could just do it all day. Honestly I love it!

So I can't remember if I told yous about Debbie last week. She is a
fifteen year old girl that we talked to, invited back to the church,
gave her a church tour, and taught with a member in the space of about
one hour. She loves it and wants to be baptized. Since then she has
come to church, come to two activities, and now hangs out with one of
the members almost everyday. One day we came to the branch and she was
there. We hadn't invited her for a lesson or anything. She was just
there talking with the members! She is awesome.

The bad news

She is moving tomorrow. But it's ok cause we will tell the other
missionaries in her area about her and she will still be taught and
baptized. I am just selfish and want to do it myself. But that's ok!

We haven't been able to meet with anybody this week other than
members. Our investigators are only students and they all have mid
terms this week so no time! Next week we will have heaps of lessons.

MIRACLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in front of the state library doing my thing, talking to
everyone, and while I was talking o somebody, a guy came close to us,
stood patiently waiting for the conversation to finish. It eventually
did, and then I said Hi! The man said to me, "Tell me about Mormons. I
am a huge fan of Lindsay Sterling, and she always talks about being a
Mormon, so I want to know what it's about!" I was only able to talk to
him for a few minutes, but he wants to know everything! I gave him a
Book of Mormon, and exchanged numbers. No appointment but we will call
him today. His name is William and he is the best!

Angel asked her parents about baptism, they said she needs to know
more and be sure first. So that's good! We will teach her more, and
the Holy Ghost will help her be sure! Yay!

We are working super hard. Every spare second is spent talking to
people. I have never worked this hard in my mission! It is the best.

Conference was awesome!!! I loved President Eyring's talk about how to
receive revelation. I also loved President Nelson's talk in Priesthood

So in our branch there is one less active young man. There is one little boy, the
branch mission leader's son, named Nico, and he is my best friend. Our
poor young women's leader has nobody to teach. And she reminds us
everyday that we need to find young women!  
Most of the branch is recent converts so I know we can find
more people to join! The problem is, there aren't many families in the
city. Mostly just commuters and students. Our branch is mostly in the
18-25 year old range, with a few more mature.

I love yous all!

Elder Calvin Chappell

(This picture is not from Calvin but it is of the library where they talk to people )

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