Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24, 2016 Melbourne

Shui Ge

Ne Hoa! 

How is everybody?

I will jump right in to it. So my new companion is Elder Chen from China! He is 26 years old, (so yes, I am his "dad" and yet 8 years younger than him). He lived in Oregon for three years, studying at University of Oregon, so he is a Duck. (sorry Sister Callaway) That is where he met Mormon friends, met the missionaries, and got baptized, just about a year and a half ago. So now he is on a mission! I really admire his faith. He is the man. Elder Chen loves to be a missionary and he is a great companion. Not just because he makes amazing Chinese food.

So I am basically an Asian now. I love Asian food, Asian people, Asian everything. My new favorite food is Pho. That is a Vietnamese noodle soup. It is pronounced Fuh. It's delicious. I am learning some Chinese from Elder Chen. Ne Hoa. Wo Shu Elder Chappell. Wo se Shui Ge. (Hello. My name is Elder Chappell. I am a handsome man.)

Miracle Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a baptism next week!!! How did that happen? One may ask. One would then be answered, A Miracle!! 

So Julian is a 20 year old super awesome man. He is from Australia, but grew up in Italy. He likes to work out and play basketball (semi-pro), and be super awesome. His mum was baptised 2 years ago and he has been drifting around the world ever since, meeting missionaries as he goes. He believes everything and is now ready for baptism! He is now going to stay here permanently. So we have been speed teaching him everything, because he really feels like the 30th is the right date for his baptism, so we have to teach all the lessons before then! But it's all review for him and he knows it enough to teach us. But he is the man. Miracle!!

We also have 2 more miracles, both of which are Korean. One is named Andrew. Some Chinese missionaries found him and referred him to us because he is not Chinese. We called him, and he sounded kind of sort of keen. Anyway, he missed an appointment and we kind of forgot about him. But one morning, we had 4 texts on our phone from him saying basically, "sorry I missed the appointment, I had work. But I really want to join your church. When can I meet with you guys?" So we set an appointment for that day, taught him, and now he is preparing for a baptism on May 21st! 

Allan is almost the same situation. Today he texted us and asked when we could meet. We set the appointment for Thursday though so I will tell you about that next week!

Everything is going great. All 5 companionships in my district have somebody being baptized in the next few weeks! So I am really excited. 

Ok I have been a failure at sending pictures, so it's a good thing we believe in forgiveness and second chances. This week I will be good! 

This is me being Chinese and eating dumplings.
This is me and Elder Higham eating Tim Tams on our last day together on our table that is way too tall and folds out of the wall.  Good times.
And me and Elder Chen being your new heroes.

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