Monday, May 2, 2016

May 1, 2016 Melbourne

Well g'day everybody!

This is the best month of the year! The wonderful month of may! The 13th is an especially great day I reckon. 

So this week "J" was baptized!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah! I haven't said too much about "J" because you guys might just think I am making it up because he is too cool. But I will let you see the pictures and you will know how legendary "J" is.

Elder Chen and I are doing great! We are learning a lot of patience and diligence, so we will be the most patient and hard working missionaries ever by the end of our time together.

This week we found a woman named N. She is so awesome. I can't tell you the whole story but basically, she knows so much about the bible and because of that, she knows that there is more truth out there. She had so many questions. When we met her, I gave her a card with on it. So when we came to our appointment, she had printed off an article that she liked from it. Man She is so good. She is an honest seeker of the truth. So I will keep you updated with her!

It's starting to get cold, cause believe it or not, It is becoming winter here! Yep so we will see how that goes!

Love you all! Here's some photos. This is us with "J", and this us with "J" and a member named holly photobombing.

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