Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Facebook Message from Melbourne Happy Birthday Calvin!

(When I heard that the branch members celebrated Calvin's birthday I knew it was a tender mercy, both for me and for Calvin. He is always the one to decorate and remember and celebrate any special occasion. Having him gone for his birthday, and so far from home was hard for me. But I am not the only one who knows how important celebrating is to Calvin. Heavenly Father made sure that someone was prompted to celebrate him. This Mom is very thankful for this dear sister for listening to the spirit. Here is the story in her words.)

Hello Sister Chappell! My name is Karen, and we are in the Melbourne 2nd branch where Elder Chappell is serving. Today my husband got a cake for us (my 2 kids and I.)  

He came home at 5 and we had an appointment with Elder Chen and Elder Chappell at 5:30. He said that he would like to have a piece of cake but it was getting late so I told him that we should go to the branch to the lesson. 

I felt a strong feeling that we should bring the cake to share with the missionaries and members (Friday is game night). That moment when we finished our beautiful lesson we asked how was their day? And Elder Chen said that today was Elder Chappell's birthday (Friday 13th of May.) Not knowing anything about it I felt that I knew. 

So I asked him if already had somebody to celebrate him and he said no. So I went to prepare the cake and we all, with the help of members sang happy birthday to him. He was so happy even asked me if you told me about it. His companion was the only person who knew about his birthday. 

How bless we are to have him serving in our branch. He is such a good missionary and his testimony is changing lives. We love him so much.

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