Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 16, 2016 Melbourne

Well I am officially 19 years old now. I feel like such an old guy.
But I still have one more year of teenage-hood (I'm working on getting
a copyright on that word that I just invented), so I am going to live
it up! As a missionary! What better way to spend a year?

Yesterday was also my 10 month mark. Whoooooooooooooooa how did I get
here already???

So my birthday was really great. We got to teach 3 lessons, found two
new investigators, and did heaps of finding! Yeah! But at the end of
the day, we were teaching the Branch Mission Leader and his family
(the De La Luz family from mexico who are my favorite.), and at the
end of the lesson, Sister De La Luz said, wait here we want to show
you something! So we waited and chatted and then she came back with
the whole branch, singing happy birthday and carrying a chocolate
Funny story, turns out that she didn't know it was my birthday until 5
minutes before, but day she had felt like she should bring a cake to
the branch and share it with people so she asked her husband to buy
one. Then when she came, the Sister missionaries told her that it was
my birthday and so that became my birthday cake. Fun little miracle.
That made me happy! I love this branch.

So our Korean investigator couple wants to get baptized!!!! Yeah! I
love Allan and Sila. But they are not married and living together. So
we will talk to them about that tomorrow and hopefully they will want
to get married!

We have a new investigator named Sarah. Sarah is from Mongolia! She is
so prepared!! She knows almost nothing about Christianity, but as we
taught her, she just understood things in a way I've never seen
before. For example, when we taught about the Holy Ghost, she first
thought that it was like a ghost, like scary movie, but when we
explained, she says, "Oh yeah it's that feeling that helps you to make
decisions and gives you peace when you are stressed and guides you and
COMFORTS you." ...My companion and I were just speechless. Whoa. She
is so in tune with the Spirit but she didn't even know it! She also
wants to be baptized, but we couldn't set a date. We will soon! She is
so awesome.

The work is picking up! We knew it would. See you all in 14 months!

Love you!

Elder Calvin Chappell

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