Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 16, 2016 Werribee

Hey everybody! This week was good. Elder Togia, Fetuli, and I get along really well. We are like brothers. We always mess with each other but it's all in good fun. Things are going well!

The Werribee ward is awesome. They love to do missionary work! They always bring friends to church. In fact, all of our investigators have come from Members inviting them! We don't have too many investigators right now, just a few, but we will get more. So who we have now...

Anisa: She is a good friend of a member who is returning to activity. She is a single Mum, and she loves the church. She wanted to get baptized before, then changed her mind just cause she wasn't sure, but she didn't really know anything about it then, just that she liked the people and the feeling there. So now we are teaching her and she will decide to be baptized again :) 

Ebony and Meegan: 12 year olds who are friends with the girls in the ward. They want to be baptized as well, just need parental permission!

There are some other assorted investigators, but those are the solid ones.

Other than that, we are just working like crazy to find new ones! So far there haven't been too many visible fruits of our efforts, but they always come. Get ready for miracles this week! 

So the Book Of Mormon musical is coming to Melbourne in a few months and apparantly it's a huge deal. So we are going to have a meeting this week with some seventies and people from the church headquarters about how to use this as a finding opportunity. I think that is awesome. I am excited!

That's all from this week, See ya!

Elder Chappell

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