Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 15, 2016 Werribee

Hello people,
A lot happened this week.  Anisa got baptized!  Yay, wohoo.  It was one of the more interesting baptisms I’ve been to because we were combining with a baptism from the sisters in our zone.  And it turned out that the husband/father of their two baptisms decided he wasn’t going to allow them to be baptized.  They were going to have faith and move forward anyway until the bishop reminded them that she needed her spouse’s consent before she could be baptized.  So instead of three baptisms that day it was just Anisa.
Anisa is just a great missionary.  She invited a bunch of friends and her family to the baptism.  She has this friend Justin who came.   He is so excited about the church.  He has been looking for a church and knows that this is the one for him!  But he isn’t in our area, but we referred him to those missionaries and that should go really well.  I’ve never heard someone say things like that before.  I’ve read about them in the Ensign, but never in real life.  I am so excited! 
The other great thing that came from the baptism is Anisa’s best friend- Laura, who is a member, was less active for a long time, but has been coming back and has been really strong.  Laura has three children who haven’t been baptized and a husband who is not a member and they have been coming to church every week!  Now, after the baptism, two of the kids have been coming to church and the baptism, and one of them has decided that she wants to be baptized.  She is slightly Autistic, but really high functioning.  She is really shy, but likes to talk with us.  Things are really looking up for that family.
Transfer news came!  Elder Fetuli left, and now it is just Elder Togia and me. Yesterday was transfer day.  It was crazy, lots of driving!  Our flat will be a lot quieter now, and we will have a lot more food around- Elder Fetuli ate everything!
That’s all I got for today.  Oh, when I was getting my hair cut at a member’s house they told me that the Jazz are 5th in the west right now!!  Yeah!  Ok, I think that’s all.  Have a great week.  See ya!
Elder Calvin Chappell
Pictures: Anisa’s baptism.  And our P-day trip to the Twelve Apostles national park.  It is beautiful.  There used to be twelve rock stacks, but now there are only 6 I think.

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