Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 6, 2016 Werribee

Well hello there world! 

I apologize in advance for this email because it will probably be really boring. Know why? Cause this week was really boring! 

So Monday we had a zone P-day with two zones, and it was pretty fun. We went to a massive park and played every sport ever. They have a basketball hoop that is about 8 feet tall and super reinforced. So basically it is made for dunking. And I have still got it! I won the dunk competition with my signature bounce off the ground and backboard 360 one handed self alley-oop tomahawk dunk.

Tuesday was MLC! I love MLC so much. So that was great. That took all day, then on Wednesday we had the meeting with trainers and trainees which took all day. Then Thursday we had ZOne conference with three zones which took all day. Then Friday was mostly normal, with an exchange and Baptismal interview. Then Saturday our zone had two baptisms that we prepared everything for, then Sunday we had church and then SMCM with the Stake President and Mission President. 

So that was our week! Pretty dang exciting eh? 

See you all later! 
Elder Chappell

Here's the view of the city from somewhere in our zone.

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