Monday, January 30, 2017

January 29, 2017 Werribee

Good morning. So remember last email I was talking about a family? Kevin, Stella, and Tristan? Well it turns out his name is Gavin, not Kevin... So that was embarrassing. But Guess what? They are awesome!! Gavin and Stella came to church, and all three are reading the Book of Mormon and really praying to know if it is true. They all said that as soon as they know it's true, they will be baptized. So pray for them to receive their answers!

This week has been really good. Much finding, much teaching. I love that we are teaching people now! So far, no one progressing too much, but I am sure it will happen soon!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY JANE CHAPPELL!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you are 14 years old. I still think of you as 12. But I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

So this week Elder S. Gifford Nielson of the Seventy came to our mission and we had a zone conference with him, and then a special MLC with him. It was amazing and inspiring. Elder Albrechtsen and I have been super inspired and we are making some awesome changes in our work, especially our studies. I love studying in the morning. I am sure none of you back home believe that, but all throughout my mission I have loved studying the scriptures, and now I am finally loving studying the Preach My Gospel! It is amazing. I am learning so much more than I have from it before because I am really delving into it, not just staying on the surface. 

Fun story, yesterday was Sunday, and Islanders love to have big meals on Sunday, and love to invite the Elders to them. So we had a lunch and a dinner. Our lunch pushed it back to 3 o'clock, which was bad cause we had dinner at 5. So we had two Tongan feeds right within 3 hours. Without going into too many juicy details, halfway through the second meal, the first one decided it didn't want to stay in my belly, so I got up and went to the bathroom and did what I had only done once before in my mission, and threw it all up into the toilet. But this was really a blessing in disguise because I could then eat heaps while my companion was dying! Ha! Blessings. 

Well, that was basically the week. It was great. 

I love you all!

Elder Chappell
Elder Chappell, Elder Albrechtson, and Elder and Sister Gifford Nielsen

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