Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 8, 2017 Werribee

Good Morning everybody! 
Sorry this will be a short one, but my week was great! I am really loving it. It has been super super hot, and we have no air con, so we are dying, but today is cooler so all good :) We have just been finding new people to teach, and actually had some awesome success!
MIRACLE TIME!!! So the Melton Elders in our zone texted us a referral one day, and we went to visit them right away. Turns out this guy gave them the wrong address, but we talked to the Lady there anyway!. She is Burmese, but then moved to Thailand, and then Australia. (that is a very common thing to find). Her name is Moonah. She was super nice, but her English wasn't the best and communication was difficult. (Burmese people speak a language called Karen pronounced like Kuh-Ren, which brings my "Languages of people I've taught" list up to 36) So we set an appointment and left. We came back for the appointment a few days later and we got to sit and teach her and her daughter, while the Father and Brother were in and out. The Daughter is named Amy but she spells it Aimi. She speaks both languages perfectly so she really helped the communication. They are awesome! We taught the Restoration and they loved it! They go to a Karen church just close to our flat, and so we will have to try to convince them to come check out our church sometime. But they totally accepted everything we said. We are going to get some Karen pamphlets and copies of the Book of Mormon for them. We really feel like they have potential!
We are also teaching lot's of part member families, and we aren't yet sure who is progressing and who isn't so we will keep you updated!
Also, President Vidmar gave me and my companion permission to go to the Australian Open on our next P-Day, so we may or may not email next week. I am super excited!
Anyway, Love you all!
Elder Chappell

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