Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 14, 2016 Melton

I don't know why this didn't send last week...

Happy Valentines day! I forgot that that was today, cause... Well it
really doesn't matter to a missionary. But it was actually yesterday
for me. Today is the 15th here! Which means it is my 7 month mark!
What in the world?? Where did the last month go? Far out.

Oh btw, Hopper's Crossing is the name of a suburb over here. I am not
actually in it but I'm there all the time for district meetings and
what not. I thought it was a funny name. (hopper means Kangaroo if you
didn't know)

This week was awesome! We had zone conference and I always love that.
Transfers are coming up! On the 23rd!

So the big news this week is.... Jade changed her baptism to this week
instead of next week! That wouldn't be a big deal really except that
means that I will for sure be here for it! This is the last Saturday
of the Transfer so we will all be here! We are so excited. The family
is doing so well. They are seeing Jade's light and the sisters are so
much more interested than before, and even the man of the house,
Trevor! He is a massive man that looks like a beast but he's really
super nice and kind. He is from the Cook Islands, a tiny little group
of islands in the pacific. He is Sister Boyd's partner. We are hoping
they will get married soon. But we are so happy to be teaching this
whole family now!

MIRACLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we have this new way of finding people.
It is called "talk to every Filipino and ask for their Filipino
friends". People from the Philippines are just super nice and love the
missionaries, so we just try to find them. Anyway, we had been growing
our Filipino teaching pool, and we asked for their Filipino friends,
and we were referred to a friend named Chona. They knew which street
she lived on, but not which house, so we just decide to tract the
street! Well, we met Chona, and she was cool, but the miracle was
someone else! Her name is Victoria. She is an Aussie. Single mom with
3 little kids. Basically she is golden. When we mentioned families
being together forever she was touched and felt that she should listen
to us. So we told her a simple Plan of Salvation and set a return
appointment. She is super awesome. We haven't had a sit down lesson
with her yet but she is great. She read the pamphlet cover to cover
(which nobody does). And she prayed about it! She felt a peaceful
feeling when she prayed.
We are happy.

Happy Valentines day everybody! Eat heaps of lollies!

Elder Chappell

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