Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 21, 2016 Melton

Hello world.

Transfers happened. I am staying here! The Australia Melton Mission!!!
Wooooot! That's what I really wanted. Elder Seifert is being
transferred to Tazzy! (Tasmania) I am kind of jealous, but I love
Melton so all good.

Shout out to Sister Spackman going to New York speaking Spanish! Watch
out New York. A small package full of a whole heap of attitude is
coming your way. You'll be a great missionary Kathryn!

So I guess none of my emails sent last week... Sorry! I promise I sent
them! I don't know what happened. Hopefully I can resend some.

We are super excited for this week! Jade is going to be baptized on
Saturday! Oh yeah, the date got changed back to the 27th. We are going
to get two more Elders in Melton. Elder Olan (another Filipino) and a
new missionary. We don't know who yet. Exciting! This area is one
where people are trained all the time. It also seems to be an area for

The miracle this week is a couple named Jose and Elise. Jose is from
El Salvador. Spanish and Spanish accents and anything Spanish is
unheard of in this side of the world, so that is strangely
refreshing. For those of you missionaries serving in Spanish places,
that's probably funny to you. (Elder Eddy, Sister Beutler, Elder
Clift. I'm talking to yous). But anyway, We saw Jose on the street,
talked to him, and got his address. We came to his house the next day,
they opened the door, greeted us happily, and listened to our message
with heaps of soul searching questions. We taught the Restoration and
they said, "wow. That makes so much sense." Since then, they have read
half of 1 Nephi together! We love them so much and they are so

Well sorry for the short email today. Here's some sunrise pictures
from our pre-transfer early morning zone hike. This time the sisters
slept in so we had some good old fashioned man fun. Which means
running around pretending to be zombies or guys with guns. It doesn't
get much better than that.

Elder Chappell is out. PEACE.

Oops never mind, I forgot my camera.. Pictures will come next week. Sorry!

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