Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28, 2016 Melton

Jaide was baptized last Saturday! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! It was beautiful. I
felt nervous to perform the ordinance but when it happened I didn't
even have to think. I just did it and it was perfect. The Spirit
helped me with that. She is so
awesome. She is only 14 and she already says she can't wait to serve a
mission. Her whole family is coming around too. Her mom, (sister Boyd,
less active member) is giving up drinking, coming to church every
week. Trevor, her mom's partner is now asking heaps of questions. He
is the man. Her older sisters Amber and Shaydie have not been very
excited before, but they loved the baptism and also had heaps of
questions! Also the younger sisters Rhayne (rain) and Skylah are
begging their mom to be baptized. Skylah is too young but Rhayne is 8!
We will see. I have this vision of going with all of them to their
family sealing in the temple in a year. It can totally happen.

This week was crazy!! Transfers happened. Elder Seifert has gone to
the strange land of Tasmania. Fa Seifert!! (fa means goodbye in
Samoan.) We now have two new Filipinos, Elder Olan and Elder
Prestousa. And I am comps with Elder Ching.  We love being
companions. He actually knows Wayne from the 3rd ward! They went to a
youth conference in Hong Kong together! Ask him about Alan Ching. See
if he remembers. We are both 18 and so that is good. A lot of
missionaries kind of look down on the 18 year olds so I am glad I have
a young comp with me.

 We had a special broadcast Stake Conference with Elder Quentin L. 
Cook, Elder Kevin W. Pearson, and a couple others. It was awesome.

There was a lot more that happened, but in short, We were running
around, in and out of our area to help other Elders, and had almost no
time for proselyting. So that was stressful and hard. But this week is
going to be gun as.

I don't know if I use the slang a whole lot in my emails, I can see
that I use a little bit, but I have really picked it up. I still have
a Yankee accent mostly, but some Aussies have said I don't sound
American at all, so that was awesome. I am really starting to sound
Aussie (mixed with New Zealand).

Live long and prosper.

Elder Calvin Chappell

Photos: Baptism, baptism, and a random cool picture with me and my
former zone leader elder Ferris.

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