Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 24, 2016 Shepparton

G'day everybody back the US of A! (and those of yous in weird places like the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and so on, Hello to you too.)

This week has been SOLID as. 

I'll start it off with the biggest miracle.

Her name is "R"! So Elder Jeremia and I chose a street last week that we wanted to tract. We have been praying for God to prepare the people on that street for a week, and then we tracted it! It is called Paterson road, if anyone wanted to know. Anyway, we found heaps of potential investigators, but most of them were not solid. One of them was "R". We met her on Wednesday. She opened the door while holding one toddler, one baby, and there was a very similar looking baby crawling after her on the ground. We spoke to her for a bit, gave her a pamphlet, got a return appointment and her number, and that was it. She seemed kind of sort of interested. So on Friday we called her to confirm our appointment on Saturday. She said, "yes of course, I just finished reading the pamphlet". 

..whoa.....that doesn't happen...

So then we got excited, then showed up the next day a bit early, and she let us in right away and introduced us to her husband, "A". As we were talking and trying to get to know them, "A" dropped this bomb on us. "Believe it or not, I was actually baptized Mormon!"


So long story short, we taught about the Plan of Salvation, both liked it, "A" wants to come back to church, and "R" accepted a baptismal date for the 20 of August! Wooooooooooooot!
Miracles are the best.

So for the rest of this week, well we had branch conference yesterday, which was incredibly awesomely fantastic. President Vidmar came and spoke at it! he is very interested in the Wangaratta district. He really wants to see it become a Stake. He is amazing. I can't wait to tell all of his stories, but I won't be able to tell them like he does. We had 5 investigators at sacrament meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That doesn't happen in this mission. Especially not in Wang. But miracles are happening in Shepparton! 

"F" is still on track for his baptism on Saturday. He is such a bright kid. He keeps all of the visual aids that we use in the lessons and pins them on his wall in his room. The man.

I was sick all week, just a cold, but a nasty one. The last three days, I have had no voice, which makes lessons difficult. It also makes singing in the church choir difficult.. but we made it work. If Sister Maxwell was still here she would have somehow found out that I was sick and made me stay in all day, but there's no chance of that! You can't have miracles when you're in the flat. 

So yep, this was a pretty awesome week. I am looking forward to baptizing all of Shepparton in the coming month, but maybe I'll try to be a bit more realistic. But it happens in the scriptures all the time, so why not now? (I used to have that argument with some of my companions, but you all know me, I never argue ;)

Anyway, here's a picture of a hot dog cow, or "Beef Frank" as I call him. And there's also SpiderCow and Skeleton Cow... I am struggling to find a clever name for this one.. maybe something to do with milk and calcium, but I got nothing. 

Love yous all,

Elder Calvin Chappell

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