Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 3, 2016 Shepparton

Happy independence day everybody! I tried to re write the lyrics of
America the beautiful to make it about Australia, but I can't be

Well G'day! How are all of yous? This week was pretty awesome for me.

We met our new mission President! He is so cool! Man I can't get over
it. He is amazing! But he is really short, so that's kinda funny. I
love him already though!

I am totally getting an accent. The other day 2 different Aussies that
I met for the first time were shocked when I said I was American. They
thought I was Aussie. Yeah mate, it's real.

Elder Jeremia and I did heaps and heaps of finding this week and it
was totally successful! Well, in a way. We found 6 new investigators
which is really good, but most of them are not too keen. In Shepp
there are heaps of people from the middle east (Afghanistan, Iraq,
Iran, India, Turkey, etc) So a lot of them are Muslim. And generally
that means they will be super nice to us and listen to us, but they
kind of just believe all religions are good and it doesn't really
matter which one we are in, but they stick to their culture, so it's
hard to teach them.  But we did find a golden family! They are Samoan,
and the mum is actually a member. She said she was baptized when she
was 8 but she hasn't gone in years, except for once last month. She
visited her family back in the island and went to church with them.
She said the feeling there was so good and she missed it. She wants to
go back. So when we came to her door she said it was just what she was
hoping for. Which is really cool, cause her house was the last one on
the street we were knocking. We had planned to tract this street
(swallow st.) and prayed many many times for God to prepare somebody
on that street, and we've been tracting it in any spare time we've had
all week. We had had some small success, but then at the last door, it
was this family. She has a husband and 2 kids. We are keen as to see 
them again on Saturday.

Well, transfers are this next week, so next email I'll let yous know
if I'm going or staying, but I'll probably stay.

Have fun with barbecues and fireworks and summer and red white and
blue! I'll have fun with bush and kangaroos and copies of the Book of

See yous!

Elder Calvin Chappell

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