Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31, 2016 Shepparton

Hello everybody!

This week was really good. Hows about I tell ya about it?

So we taught heaps of lessons which basically makes it a solid week
already. We taught Fili and his family a whole lot and had a dinner
lesson with "R" and "A", and then heaps of lessons with Muslim
people we found tracting! Only one of them was arguing with us too so
that was great!

Fili was baptized on Saturday! Yay! I baptized him and my companion
confirmed him. He and his family are making huge strides. I am very
happy for them. They are one of two families that we are really
working with to be solid active families. The branch needs more worthy
Melchizedek Priesthood holders. Fili's dad is on his way!

"R" and "A" are solid, but they need to get married, so her
baptismal date for the 20 of August won't work, but she is still keen
as to be baptized. Just need to work that out and then all good!

I don't know if any of yous remember me talking about "T"? We had
one lesson with her a few weeks ago then she dropped off the face of
the planet. Well we had a sweet little miracle with her. We were
street contacting and I saw this guy that was clearly an Islander.
(When you see Islanders, you talk to them. They are keen, Aussies are
not). So I made a V line over to him and introduced myself. Turns out
he is "T"s dad, and he is a member of the church! (about half of
the Samoan and Tongan populations are actually members, and 100% of
them know the missionaries already, whether member or not, so this was
only kind of a surprise). But he invited us to his home, and we
gratefully accepted the invitation.  Well, we finally saw "T" again! 
She is still keen, just busy. So we have an appointment with her tonight! Yay!

Another person we are working with is a woman named "B". She is
from the Congo! African people are probably my favorite. She is a
single Mum with 3 daughters, ages 14, 11, 9. Her English is not
very good, but we do our best to communicate. She speaks Swahili (if
any of you know that language existed, good on ya mate). So we went
through a lot of trouble to get a Swahili Book of Mormon for her. We
gave that to her on Saturday and then she read 3 chapters and came to
church on Sunday! She couldn't understand much of church, but she was
smiling non-stop so I think she enjoyed it. She is awesome.

"J" is still doing well, just preparing for her marriage and then
baptism, but that's not till September so there's not too much we can
do right now. Just keep teaching lessons, they keep reading and
praying and coming to church.

So this week I sang in 4 different Musical numbers at church! One last
Sunday, and then 3 in a fireside this Sunday! We had been asked to
prepare a song as the missionaries, so we did that, then last minute
we were thrown into another one with some sisters in the branch, then
the Elders Quorum needed help with theirs too! So yeah, my less than
professional singing skills are being displayed to all of the
Shepparton branch. I hope they all believe in forgiveness.

So that was my week! Here is an interesting cow... Not sure if it's My
Little Pony, or something else, but yeah, its a pink cow.  The cow things is 
an interactive art exhibit all over Shepparton and surrounding towns. 
It is called Moooving art. The cows are moved around routinely.
And here is Fili's baptism!

Elder Calvin Chappell

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